I am a freelance CG artist and illustrator based in the Netherlands.

After attending Supinfocom-India for my Masters in Digital Direction, I moved to the Netherlands to work as a game artist. Now, I am a fulltime freelancer working from home with my mischievous intern Zoe (my kitty cat) and my super talented game programmer husband.

When I am not working I am busy slavering over coffee, movies and Milka.

If you like my work and wish to hire / collaborate / gift me with a year-long supply of Milka, please feel free to contact me!

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I was asked to make an illustration for A Bigger Story.  This community based in Amsterdam brings creatives, researchers and communication people together to create deeply immersive experiences of happy, healthy and attainable futures. This...
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I made this piece based on concept-artist Sylvain Marc's beautiful farmhouse drawing. He was sweet enough to let me work on his concept. Tools: Autodesk Maya, Pixar's Renderman, Adobe...