Hi! I am Sonal, a freelance 3D Illustrator based in the Netherlands.
I produce illustrations for brands, editorial and advertising campaigns.

If you have a cool project in mind or want to gift me a year long supply of Milka, I’m just an email away!



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This personal series explores the combination of primitive shapes and translucent characteristics of materials to depict scenes of balance and softness. I tried to focus on interesting totem-like structures and simple satisfying color palettes over complex and...
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Illustration set for Fietssport, the biggest online platform in the Netherlands for cyclists who participate in cycling tours. With Morrow and Illustrator Calvin Sprague we developed an illustration style that would work throughout Fietssport's...
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COVID-19 is upon us and we are going through a very difficult time where we should think of others, not just ourselves, look after one another and do what we can do to get...
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The focus of this new campaign for The Forgotten Child Foundation (Het Vergeten Kind) was on the problem that many caregivers in homes change too much, so the children never feel at home. The...