hey! i'm sonal

I am a multi disciplined Illustrator based in a beautiful city called Enschede in the Netherlands. I produce illustrations for brands, editorial, advertising campaigns, one off commissions for clients all around the world and run a shop that sells postcards and art prints. I’m currently working full-time as a 3D artist at Buck Amsterdam.

Before moving to the Netherlands in 2016, I lived my life in the bustling city of Mumbai. My childhood in India was filled with creativity and influenced by the colorful culture around me. I try to bring back that influence in my work whenever I can. 

After many years of playing around with different aesthetics, I have found that the best work I do is creating surreal spaces. With strong use of color and composition, my aim is to deliver imagery that surpasses the brief.
I live to create illustrations that are pleasing to the senses; by using characters, forms and textures that create a tactile quality.

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If you like my work and wish to collaborate / gift me with a year-long supply of Milka, please feel free to get in touch.

Contact me → hello@sonaljadhav.com

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