About me

Hello, I am Sonal Jadhav.

I am a freelance 2D+3D Illustrator from Mumbai. I live and work in the Netherlands.

I produce illustrations for brands, editorial, advertising campaigns and one off commissions for clients all around the world.

My style focuses on a strong use of color and composition. Incorporating rich and vibrant colour palettes, my aim is to deliver imagery that surpasses the brief.

You will often see me incorporating different styles in my work, because I get bored easily and never think I could settle on producing a single style as such. I guess that makes me a flexible artist!

Get in Touch

If you like my work and wish to hire / collaborate / gift me with a year-long supply of Milka, please feel free to get in touch with me.

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Selected clients

Solidaridad Network, Amsterdam

Eat the Beat, Melbourne

The Bigger Story, Amsterdam

British Petroleum, India

FOUR magazine