Metanoia: the making

A CGI animated short film made by a group of students at Supinfocom, Pune.
Check out the movie here.

I was in-charge of character and set modeling, character texturing, facial blend-shapes and animation for Metanoia.

Character Modeling, Texturing & Facial Blendshapes for Mr. Philip

Here’s some research for Metanoia’s protagonist Mr. Philip. He is goofy and quirky in his own way, soft spoken and warm towards children.

We worked with two styles for Mr. Philip – one where he is on an adventure looking fresh and healthy and the other where he is ill in the hospital.

Character Modeling and Facial Blendshapes for Natasha
Environment modeling and sculpting

Every set in the film is based on an organ of the human body. This set is called the Cave, where the Worm Monster attacks Mr. Philip.

The concept is based on the bone marrow of the human bone.


Before the production of this film, animation was never my strong point. As we went ahead in the pipeline of the film, we realized the animations weren’t possible by the Lead Animator alone. That is where I stepped in. It has been a learning process for me and I think I emerged as an animator by the end of it.

I have compiled few of the animations I did for Metanoia with some comparisons between blocking and final animations.