The Love Pill

An interesting project I worked on during my summer internship with ‘Elroy Klee Brand Design & Art Direction’.

There is a small intricate world inside the Love Pill where the Butterfly Bots work hard to collect love drops in the ‘Butterfly Lane’. After the drops are mixed with emotion candies in the ‘Twister’, they form a warm gooey mixture. That’s when it sends a warm signal to our heart. The Romantic Bots tweak the gooey mix and add it to a Mother Beaker. Then the Bots slide down the ‘Romance Ride’ to heat the beaker. Once it reaches it’s melting point, that’s an indication of your heart melting for that special someone and finally you fall in love!


Concept: Elroy Klee, Sonal Jadhav

Modeling, Lighting & Shading: Sonal Jadhav